Trump’s Got No Talent

“I can’t believe Trump won the election!” “I can’t believe they voted for Brexit!”  I heard this a lot on streets, in bars, and comedy clubs in New York City last year. ( To be fair,” What’s ‘Brexit’?” was asked a lot too, though the only answer given I ever heard a millennial say while looking at his menu, “I think it’s a kind of breaded appetizer.” )

How did a man whose casino went bankrupt, is famous in his home State for not paying small companies and individuals that do business with him, become the head of America’s Executive Branch?  Why did a country vote against a union that buys 50% of it’s exports and for their holidays to be complicated by visa applications? America’s Got Talent and Britain’s Got Talent, that’s why.

Think about it. How often does the average American or U.K. Citizen vote in a political election? Once  a year, if that. How often do viewers vote for their favorite contestant on America’s Got Talent or Britain’s Got Talent? Every single week. The stages of these shows are designed so patriotically with respective flags and colors they could be used as venues for the DNC, RNC or a UKIP strip club.

The RNCrnc77b5f-20160721-rnc-stage

amhqdefault America’s Got Talent 

And how do we choose the contestant we want to win on these shows? Like any good Disney movie taught us,   as long as we follow our hearts it will never lead us down the wrong path, unless you happen to be Woody Allen.  (“The heart wants what it wants.” Yeah, sure. If your heart wants to sleep with  an underage girl your are not thinking with your heart, you never had one.)

Who do you like to vote for? The woman who has practiced and practiced and has a lot of technical skill but no stage presence? Maybe, but probably not. She wasn’t that entertaining. Do we vote for the cocky man-child that isn’t that great at anything but is so ridiculously confident that you can’t help find him entertaining especially since he’s stupid and seemingly harmless? Yup.

It’s fun to vote for the guy that isn’t classically trained or talented, isn’t it? That’s the problem. We have had much more experience voting with our emotions that are manipulated by mood music and a charming back story than we do with facts and logic. Our conditioning is ongoing and is only getting worse, just look at your Facebook feed. ( And look up Cambridge Analytica.)

We are smarter than this, aren’t we? I get it. Facts and figures are dull and require careful thought. They require a command of logic and mental effort on our part. It’s easier to react, to not put the time or effort in. It’s much easier to let those with the time, money and ambition tell us what they want us to think and who to vote for in order to make their lives easier while making everyone else’s harder.

Don’t vote out of fear. Don’t vote for a party because their narrative is great while their policy is poor and/or doesn’t even exist.  The road to hell is paved with good intentions a.k.a votes based on inflammatory Breitbart and Fox News articles found on Facebook walls.

Don’t be razzle-dazzled into pressing your golden buzzer of a vote for someone that isn’t qualified, that doesn’t have the experience or skill set to protect and serve the average citizen. In short, do what Jesus would do. Ya know, don’t be a mindless prick.


I’m Spring Day (real name, hippie parents) Moving back to the United States after having lived in Japan and traveling the world for 16 years has been a bit of a head fuck, especially since I am currently working in London, England. My blog “The United States of Shock!” is where I give my brilliant and bitter two cents, pence, yen and euro on my experience with culture shock and current events. If you have any questions you would like to have answered in a snit, email them to

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