There is a Special Place in Hell for Female Comedians Who Don’t Help Other Comedians and It’s Freezing Hot


Women and minorities are always held to different and higher standards when it comes to success in anything.  In order to achieve, we learn to embrace those higher standards that give us a competitive edge and hope the arbitrary standards will be ignored in the light of our sharply honed skills. Sometimes they are, often they are not. The trick to changing the system for the better is to not uphold the same arbitrary standards against your peers when you achieve success, remaining grateful and gracious throughout the process.

I’m just kidding! Fuck it. If you have made a lot of money and are on T.V. then that means you are better and know more than everybody else, especially other women and minorities in your field and they can suck your steamed vagina!

I am referring to that interview where a financially successful female comic, made famous by a reality show, called out most female comics for being hack and not having a joke about a war that happened 80 years ago.

I have mixed emotions about what she said. I was angry that she would generalize female comics under such a damning umbrella. On the other hand, I also agreed with her that women hacks do exist as she is a primary example of one. I had never called her or other hacks out on Twitter or social media (before this) because nobody, I mean NOBODY gets into comedy because she/he is emotionally healthy and stable. We all have our demons and the stage is where we work them out to the delight or horror of an audience.  We are all at different stages in our skills and have told hack jokes in the process of finding our individual voice. (My first year in,  I quoted my dad in stories on stage until I realized he was using some quip he read in a bathroom book. Who cares?)

This financially secure female comic also said, “As a comedian, I have a set of morals”.  Hang on there sister.  The last comedian to brag about having morals (as opposed to everyone else) is Bill Cosby, a serial rapist, and he got away with it because he was actually funny.

She claims she wants women to be better at comedy, which is interesting because I want the same for her.

When I read the part of the interview circulating the internet, I was inclined to think she was a cunt.  After reading the whole interview, I realized she is not a cunt, she is just not very bright.

Had Sarah Silverman said what she said, all of the social media attention would have been warranted, but she didn’t because Silverman is not an idiot, Sarah’s funny.

Through some regretful research, I have discovered that this is not the first time this woman has expressed her low opinion of female comics in an interview. In 2015, she said, ” The bar for women to succeed in comedy is very low.”  This is an infuriating opinion because it’s absolutely untrue unless she is describing her own career.

Thankfully, there are a ton of actually funny women and men doing projects and interviews that would not make Tina Fey cringe to be associated with.



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